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Saturday Takeaway

To order, email the following details by Thursday evening to:




Delivery or Collection

Address if for delivery

Contact Number

ALL allergies & dietary requirements


We deliver to addresses within 3 miles of East Barnet (EN4). There is a £3 delivery charge.

We are more than happy for you to safely collect from us!

We are based between East Barnet & Cockfosters.


We maintain the highest hygiene & safety standards, not only whilst preparing the food but also during the packaging & delivery/collection stages.


The food will be prepared, chilled & packaged and you will be emailed with instructions on how to reheat your meal at home.

For brunch menus, let us know if you would prefer to eat your food on the Saturday or Sunday and we shall pack your meal accordingly .

7th November
Baked Pasta

Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta & Bean Soup) (Ve)                             £4.00

(Contains celery & gluten)


Parmigiana di Zucca

(Roasted Sliced Pumpkin, Bechamel & Smoked Cheese) (V)

(Contains dairy & gluten)

Per portion                                                                             £5.00

Per tray (6-8 portions)                                                          £25.00



Potato & Pesto Cannelloni (V)

(Contains dairy, gluten & nuts)

Per portion                                                                             £6.00

Per tray (6-8 portions)                                                          £30.00


Salsiccia, 'Nduja & Ricotta Cannelloni  (Cannelloni stuffed with Spicy Salami Ricotta and topped with Pork Sausage Ragù)

(Contains dairy & gluten)

Per portion                                                                             £8.00

Per tray (6-8 portions)                                                          £40.00



Slice of Rotolo al caffè e nocciola(V)

(Coffee Roll cake with Hazelnut cream)                               £4.00

(Contains dairy, eggs, gluten & nuts)

Image by Udayaditya Barua
14th November
Afternoon Tea

Bombay Potato Samosa with Coriander Chutney

(Contains Dairy, Gluten & Mustard Seeds)


Chakri (Spiced Fried Savoury Snack)

(Contains Dairy, Gluten & Sesame Seeds)


Paturi/Khandvi (Savoury Gram Flour & Yoghurt Pinwheel Rolls)

(Contains Dairy, Mustard Seeds & Sesame Seeds)


Penda (Milk & Saffron Sweet)

(Contains Dairy & Nuts)


Nariyal Ladoo (Coconut Balls)

(Contains Dairy)


Chocolate Burfi (Dense Milk-Based Sweet topped with White Chocolate & Rose)

(Contains Dairy & Nuts)


Small Diwali Box (V) £30

Includes 4 of each item and homemade chai masala so you can make some authentic Indian Tea to go with your food.


Medium Diwali Box (V) £60

Includes 8 of each item and homemade chai masala so you can make some authentic Indian Tea to go with your food.

21st November
Coming Soon!






Coming Soon!

Past Menus

Image by Guillaume Issaly

We donated 100% of profits from all sales this weekend equally between

Black Minds Matter


The Ubele Initiative's

"Majonzi fund: Covid-19 bereavement fund"

Equalling to £400 in total!

You can find the exciting menu


11th July
An Homage to
African-American Cuisine 
18th July

Yellow Mole & Parmesan Arancini Stuffed with Scamorza £5.00

served with Chipotle Mayo


Spicy Yucatan-Style Chicken Wings                                      £6.00

served with Roasted Green Tomato Salsa


Refried Beans, Cheese &

homemade Blood Orange Ketchup Quesadilla (V)            £6.00

with homemade Crema & Pickles


Potato, Chorizo & Scamorza Quesadilla                              £7.50

served with homemade Crema and pickles


Aubergine "Meat"balls in Ancho Chilli Sauce (V)             £10.00

served with with Rice & Beans


Albóndigas a la Mexicanas (Pork Meatballs)                     £12.50

served with Rice & Beans


Mexican Chocolate Panna Cotta                                          £4.00

Image by Aigars Peda

Ajoblanco (Cold Andalusian Almond, Garlic & Bread Soup) (Ve) £5.00

Served with Pickled Grapes

(Contains gluten and nuts)


Grilled Watermelon & Donut Peach Quinoa Salad (Ve) £5.50

with Roasted Marinated Feta (V) +£1.50

(With Feta contains dairy)


Variety of Homemade Sourdough Crackers (V) £2.00

(Contains gluten)


Slice of Roasted Red Pepper & Rose Harissa Mascarpone Galette (V).  £4.00

(Contains dairy, eggs & gluten)


Roasted Peach Eton Mess Cheesecake £4.00

(Contains dairy, eggs & gluten)

25th July
1st August
Baked Pasta

Grilled & Raw White Peach & Basil Oil Panzanella Salad (Ve) (Contains gluten & nuts)                                                    £5.50
with Burrata (contains dairy)                                           +£1.50
with Prosciutto Crudo.                                                    +£1.50

Vegan Artichoke & Potato Lasagna (Ve) (Contains gluten)
Per portion                                                                          £4.50
Per tray (6-8 portions)                                                      £20.00

Crespelle di Grano Saraceno ai Spinaci e Carciofi (V)
(Buckwheat Pancake Cannelloni filled with Spinach & Artichoke, topped with Cheesy Béchamel)

(Contains dairy & eggs)
Per portion                                                                          £4.50
Per tray (6-8 portions)                                                      £20.00

Crespelle al forno ai Ragù Bianco di Agnello e Besciamella di Pesto 
(Baked Pancakes filled with White Lamb Ragù & topped with Pesto Béchamel)

(Contains celery, dairy, eggs, gluten & nuts)
Per portion                                                                          £6.00
Per tray (6-8 portions)                                                      £25.00

Tiramisu (V) (Contains dairy, eggs & gluten).                  £4.00

Gourmet Appetizer
8th August

Middle Eastern-Spiced Roasted Tomato & Pepper Soup (Ve) £4.00

Grilled & Raw White Peach Panzanella Salad (Ve) (Contains gluten & nuts) £5.50

with Dolcelatte (V) (contains dairy) +£1.50

with Crispy Prosciutto Crudo   +£1.50

DIY Milk Bread Burger served with Spicy Slaw & Pickles

(All contain dairy, eggs, gluten & sesame)

with Spiced Chicken Schnitzel & Salsa Verde £10.00

with Panko Batata Vada & Coriander Chutney (V) £8.50



Fig Leaf Basque Cheesecake served with Roasted Peach Compote £5.00

(Contains dairy, eggs & gluten)

Image by Artur Rutkowski
22nd August
Pizza Kit

Supplì (V) (Contains dairy, egg & gluten)      £5.00

(Roman Rice Balls with Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella)


DIY Sourdough Pizza Kit

(All contain dairy & gluten)

(All kits contain 2x dough balls 9-10 inch Pizzas, Homemade Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan/Vegetarian Hard Cheese (V), Flour & Extra Virgin Olive Oil)


Margherita (V)                                                £12.00

'Nduja & Gorgonzola                                    £18.00



Slice of Ricotta & Hazelnut Cake with Chocolate Ganache (V)                                                      £5.00

(Contains dairy, eggs, gluten & nuts)

Email to enquire about vegan/dairy-free options.

17th October


Butternut Squash & White Miso Soup (Ve)              £5.00

(Served with Garlic Croutons & Black Sesame Seeds)


Apricot Harissa Roasted Seasonal Veg & Savoury Granola Salad (Ve)                                                     £5.50

with Chilli & Honey Baked Feta (V)                        +£1.50

(Contains gluten, nuts & soya. With Feta contains dairy)


Homemade Dukkah-Spiced Sourdough Crackers £2.00

(Contains gluten, nuts & sesame seeds)


Slice of Pear, Gorgonzola & Walnut Galette           £4.00

(Contains dairy, eggs, gluten & nuts)


Slice of Double Baked Chocolate Cake (V)             £5.00

(Contains dairy & eggs)

24th October
Cucina Italiana

Ribollita (Tuscan Tomato, Bean & Bread Soup) (Ve)      £5.00
        with Burrata (V)                                                      + £1.50
        with Crispy Pancetta                                                 £1.00
(Contains celery & gluten. With Burrata contains dairy)

Foglie d'Ulivo Pasta with Squash Cream & Chestnuts (Ve)    (Contains celery & gluten)                                               £8.50


Spätzle agli Spinaci  

(Spinach Drop-Dumpling Pasta from South Tyrol)                                    

 with Nutmeg Butter, Squash Cream & Homemade Amaretti Crumb (V)                                                        £10.00
(Contains celery, dairy, eggs, gluten & nuts. Can be made dairy-free upon request)

        with Fennel Seed Butter, Squash Cream & crispy Spianata Calabrese                                                        £10.00
(Contains celery, dairy, eggs & gluten. Can be made dairy-free upon request)

Heist White Chocolate, Lemon & Cardamom Tiramisù (V)                                                                                               £5.00
(Contains dairy, eggs, gluten & alcohol (Sulphur Dioxide))

Budino al Cioccolato e Cocco

(Chocolate & Coconut Pudding)  (Ve)                             £4.00

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